Feb 24, 2010

Wednesday Week

Another song reference for the title of my midweek roundup...

  • When I saw Fela! Off-Broadway, it felt like an ungaingly, overproduced Broadway tryout--its ambitions outpaced its scale. Just saw it on Broadway; it has found its scale, big-time. May it run forever.
  • As a huge fan of Greg Itzin's L.A. stage work (Kentucky Cycle, Pinter and Beckett at the Matrix), it will be gratifying to see him onstage here.
  • Buckley and Juliet?
  • Today on the American Theatre Facebook page, folks give their remedies for saying "Macbeth" in a theater. My favorite: "Kiss a stagehand. Thrice."
  • Is Fela! the most Afrocentric musical ever on Broadway, I wondered? Then I remembered Sarafina!--which, as View From the Bridge helmer Greg Mosher happens to point out in a Q&A in next month's AT, was the longest-running hit to come out of his tenure as head of Lincoln Center Theatre.
  • My future?

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