Feb 16, 2010


The title's a reference to a long morning with the seventh-month-old, who's on something of a sleep strike, and to the in-passing nature of this update. My Google Reader has a lot of goodies today:

  • 99 points us to a theatre pros' poll rating the top 10 American plays. It's the usual Millers and Williamses, a Kushner but no Mamet, and a bracing nod for Hansberry, the only female on the list.
  • An entertaining will-it-recoup pool on the Broadway season shows the Brit imports trailing.
  • Yosi Sergant breaks his silence about the NEA conference call (h/t Createquity).
  • Isaac and Scott tangle over diversity and access.
  • Brickman and Elice give a tour of Addams and a "family without subtext."

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