Feb 5, 2009

Contra Electra

The opening date for the New Group's Mourning Becomes Electra is listed as Feb. 19. Today is Feb. 5. How much can change in two weeks of previews? The producers may hope for a lot of improvement, if Rocco is right; on the other hand, does this not seem a little early to issue a public slam? (Not that there isn't a precedent.)

Last month I saw a not-yet-opened production very early in previews, in preparation to do an interview with the director. I found the show to be in terrible shape--though I did not tell the director that, nor would it be cricket for me to say so here, and not only because I'm not supposed to slag folks I'm featuring; I also have some sense that two-plus weeks of previews can change a show, particularly Off-Broadway. Sure enough, in the weeks since I've heard good buzz about the very same show from people I trust.

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