Nov 5, 2008

Hit By the Brick

Williamsburg's Brick Theatre was the site of my first review assignment for the NY Times when I first arrived here in NYC three summers ago. The show was Dear Dubya, a reading-style presentation of credulous real letters to the parody site (ah, how blessedly quaint that all seems now). I liked it a fair bit. Since then I've moved within walking distance of the theater, and though I've heard good things about a few shows there I hadn't made it back...until Time Out sent me to cover a new show there called Lord Oxford Brings You the Second American Revolution, Live!. It's not a good show, but given its alternative-American-history premise, it did make me reflect for a moment that the review, filed last week, would come out after the election.

(Photo by Sarah K. Lippmann.)

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Rebecca Gray said...

Oh, I SO was hoping this picture was of you & Wife on All Hallow's Eve. Maybe next year? (I know, I know... Halloween is Amateur Night! Why would a Professional dress up?) Amo, amare, amavi, amatus--