Nov 24, 2008

1,000 to 1

Media pundit Jay Rosen is very excited about what he sees as a future model for journalism on the Web: building reader/information networks around writer/reporters. In this bloggingheads diavlog, he's talking to Conor Friedersdorf of the new center-right online magazine Culture11, but his advice seems salient for any new media venture (indeed, Rosen has done a lot of work with HuffPo, and progressive powerhouse Talking Points Memo is the case study he eventually gets to later in the diavlog—a network he says is now "bigger than the Los Angeles Times"). The obvious missing link: any discussion of how such a new model would pay for itself. Still, some hearty food for thought to chew on.

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jessica, like, explains it all. said...

"Diavlog"? Interesting.

As someone hoping to get into journalism, this is something I should look into...