Sep 5, 2008

For What It's Worth

These conventions have kept me up later than I'd like on schoolnights, yet I'm somewhat energized about the presidential race this year. It combines the thrill of watching two pretty fascinating campaigns duke it out with my greater-than-usual excitement, as a liberal Democrat, with our candidate and his chances. How I felt, in brief:

Obama: Great speech by an extraordinary man who's certain be an above-average president, and likely to be a transformative two-termer.

McCain: Surprisingly sincere speech by a decent man whose time has come and gone, and whose groveling to a disgusting party that denied him his chance last time is skin-crawling to witness.

The rest is a sideshow, and a very entertaining one at that.

If you want to show your support for Obama and catch some first-rate music theater talent at the same time, the Broadway United for Barack show at the Metropolitan Room on Monday, Sept. 15 is the place to go. Performers include Lin Manuel Miranda, Daniel Reichard, and Felicia Finley.

In the meantime, while I enjoyed Tom Ridge's "John Bush" gaffe and that "Sarah Pawlenty" slip, this flub from the DNC beats it for sheer absurdity:

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Kerry said...

I hear Sarah Palin tried to ban "Barack Has Two Daddies" from the Wassila Public Library!