Jun 5, 2007


This is new to me, but I guess I've been tagged by Isaac. This blogger-specific practice involves revealing eight random facts about myself, and tagging eight other bloggers. Well, as they say in Raising Arizona: OK, then.

1. I played Mr. MacAfee in a high school production of "Bye Bye Birdie," though I think I would have made a fine Albert Peterson.

2. The only Andrew Lloyd Webber show I like is Sunset Boulevard.

3. My girlfriend touched Elvis Costello outside the artist's entrance at BAM last year.

4. My childhood piano teacher, Mrs. Harvey, had one leg shorter than the other. One of her other students, still a good friend of mine, went on to write Bubble Boy.

5. Though raised a Lutheran, I'm becoming a member of the Dutch Reform/UCC-affiliated Greenpoint Church.

6. A happy and reasonably well-adjusted adoptee, I recently gave in to curiosity and hired a confidential intermediary to locate my birth mother. She's been found; she lives in Arizona is thrilled that I've sought her out. That's all I know so far. The next step could be days away.

7. I've watched and rewatched a handful of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 tapes more than I care to admit.

8. My best friend in high school's dad is this guy.

Without further ado, I tag Diane Snyder, Leonard Jacobs, Joshua James, Scott Walters, David Cote, Colleen Wainwright, Tamadhur Al-Aqeel, and Erik Patterson.


Erik said...

I want to hear more about #6 as the story continues!

Just posted my 8 things.

communicatrix said...

Excellent meme, and just as the well had run dry.

Thanks. Here it is.

Scott Walters said...

I'll do it ASAP -- busy fielding comments! Thanks for tagging me!

Elliott said...

Wow - things you never knew! I'm a real Johnny-come-lately to your blog, Rob, but I'm glad I to have arrived in time for the tag revelations! Talk to you soon!

Joshua James said...

I was tagged already by Laura, my are up . . . thanks for thinking of me!