Jun 13, 2007

Gary's Place

In my wish-I-were-in-L.A. file: The city's essential photographer, former neighbor and colleague, and all-around mensch Gary Leonard has opened a gallery in Downtown L.A. to exhibit his own eclectic work and work from his collection (by the likes of Julius Shulman and Max Yavno). I like this quote from the press release I just received:
“There’s a helluva lot of joy in getting the shots, but it’s a shame if you can’t share them in person with the public,” [Leonard] says. “Guys like me, we die with a camera in our hands and rolls of undeveloped film in our houses because we never stop shooting. I don’t want that. Having an interactive place is what I intend to do.”

If you're in L.A., I'd suggest a visit; it's open Sundays noon to 7 p.m. and by appointment. I know I'm going there at my next opportunity. Since there's no online link, I'll give the info: Its at 740 S. Olive St., and the number is (213) 304-4279.

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james urbaniak said...

Wow. Some of those photos are nuts. And I mean that in a good way.

I moved to L.A. four weeks ago. Thanks for the tip