Nov 14, 2006


I'm not sure how big a deal this is, but The New York Times seems to be venturing into new Web-vs.-print territory with two theatre reviews today, both marked "Web exclusive" (here and here). I don't read enough of the rest of the Times online to know if this is a new phenomenon, or if this is just a fluke--a way to run a few reviews that might otherwise have been axed due to space considerations. But it seems worth noting when the nation's preeminent print publication "prints" something you can only get online.

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Framji Minwalla said...

Both links lead to the same review. There's a lot more content online than in the print edition of the NY Times. That I don't object to as much as I do to those columns and articles marked Times Select, for which one needs a special subscription. What exaclty does becoming a Times Select subscriber mean? This kind of naming always reminds me of a production I saw many years ago of Moliere's Don Juan, in which Dimanche (the tailor) delivers the clothes he makes in garment bags embroidered with the tagline "Better Clothes for Better People."