Nov 15, 2006

Print Valiant

Hmm. I can only wish this just-announced print publication covering commercial New York theatre all the best. It's set to debut in March, which indicates a focus on tourist audiences--the season will be heading toward the Tony countdown by then, after which the summer after-season cash-in typically occurs.

The publishers are nothing if not ambitious. Consider:
Combining original interviews, reviews and previews with the finest theatre writing first published in venues like The New York Times and The New Yorker

Really? That would be a historic copyright coup.
With an initial circulation of 150,000 copies per issue, BROADWAY MAGAZINE will debut in 2007 as the largest theatre-themed magazine in history

The cover price? 0$.

Maybe it's not theatre that's the cockroach, as Isaac has it--it's print. Or print about theatre.

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parabasis said...

Hah! Thanks for the shout out, Rob. I think print about theater is more like the single-cell organism. Constantly dying and multiplying. What was that magazine Ron Lasko started a couple years ago called?