Sep 24, 2005

SLM the Indispensable

Context, circumspection, and craft. I knew I'd miss him personally when I moved East, but I didn't know how much I'd miss his writing. I haven't seen the show, so I can't say whether Steven Leigh Morris' take on Dead End is definitive. But this is real criticism. The rest of us are mere reviewers.

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Anonymous said...

It's stunningly written, but it kind of misses the point on the show. It's not that Dead End shouldn't be done right now -- I'm sure Stephen Daldry could do a phenomenal take on it -- the real issue is that this production, as a production, was simply terrible: awful, schmaltzy direction, and embarrassingly weak acting. No review I read nailed that as the real problem: they all got caught up in pontificating about the social significance (or lack thereof) of the play. When a production is this bad, when actors look like they just stepped in from a nearby community theatre production of Grease, it's silly to blame the script.