Sep 24, 2005

My New Favorite Critic

I'm fickle in my tastes, to be sure. But not since the first few chapters of Everything Is Illuminated have I found sentences as over-ambitious as this:
Man, I am to tell you that Stevern Segel is one for the much action to pack! I watch him on my to screen and he is bring to life the dramatic of hand for hand battle with the evil forces.

Or this:
Him the Smokey Bandit has the fast car to escape with courage from corrupt police captain. I much for enjoyed the many excitement of action and expert driving as pair of business men conduct negotiations with Smokey Bandit in restraunt business selling. But don't too much comfortable in your recline--Smokey Bandit may to drive out from your television with surprise and gusto!

These Netflix reviews by "HV from Duvall, WA" are almost too good, really. Faux-naif or the real thing? You decide.

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