Feb 26, 2005

Ritchie as Host

Incoming CTG artistic director Michael Ritchie, following up on comments he made to Sylvie Drake in LA Stage a few months back, seems serious about inviting smaller L.A. theatre companies to do their thing at the Kirk Douglas Theatre. And as I noted then, the most encouraging thing about this is Ritchie's perspective on why this is a good idea: As Don Shirley paraphrases him, Ritchie believes that "L.A. is an underrated theater town in part because many small companies receive little exposure."

The article is dotted, however, with a few telling quotes. From CTG board member Richard Kagan: "I can't imagine that any board member wouldn't think this was a smart thing." That's sweeping but also strangely circumlocutory; I had to read it over a few times to catch the "wouldn't." And Luis Alfaro's faintly despairing comment: "I'm trying to stay very positive about it." Aren't we all?

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