Feb 3, 2005

Audiences R (Not) Us

Today's Times piece on nabbing last-minute tickets to live events has some illuminating figures:
What is bad news for theaters can be good news for last-minute ticket buyers: Especially at nonprofit performing arts venues, there are ways to get into at least some of those empty seats if you know how to play the game. [Martin] Wiviott [of Broadway/LA] says that, no matter what's onstage, about 10% of ticket buyers don't show up. Frier McCollister, a local theatrical producer and general manager, says the no-show percentage is even higher, about 30%, for the under-99-seat houses — but most of those theaters operate with reservation lists instead of tickets, so they may admit the next comer if a person shows up too late.

Ouch! I noticed, coincidentally, a bold soul standing outside the Pantages last night as Chicago audiences poured out, handing out postcards for African Gothic" with this catchy phrase: "It just got Critic's Pick in Back Stage West!"

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