Jul 9, 2012

Monday Out of the Gate

A few unrelated links and observations to start the week:
  • Wisdom from the august Gus Schulenburg on how not to be a dick on the Intertubes (some warnings of which I could heed better).
  • The actual class struggle worth talking about in re: TCG's recent conference.
  • Drollest line in Charles McNulty's great round table with L.A.'s small theater machers: "Note was made of the passage from Gordon Davidson to Michael Ritchie at Center Theatre Group and the effect this has had on L.A.'s theatrical ecology." Indeed.
  • Nothing became this New York native like the leaving of it. (Seriously, great post, J.— do my old hometown proud.)
  • The wife and I are belatedly catching up with the first season of Louie. I haven't read widely on it, but am I the only one who vastly prefers the scripted scenes to his standup?
  • I'm a mild Sleep No More skeptic but I still found this feature and slide show on interactive theater relatively thrilling, even heartening.

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