May 7, 2012

It's a Thin Line

Forgive me if Emily Nussbaum's walkback on Smash feels like vindication:
Since its delightful pilot, the show has taken a nosedive so deep I’m surprised my ears haven’t popped. All the caveats I noted but dismissed in my earlier review have become the definingly awful features of “Smash.”
And the rap I'd heard from its early boosters was that it got better after a pilot I found anything but delightful. Seems to me instead, as a friend put it, that Smash was born jumping the shark.

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Jason Zinoman said...

Well put, Rob. It does make me wonder what role advertising plays in the early excitement about this show. This show got an extraordinary amount of early push by the network, and the spots (with Spielberg's name prominent) were better than the show ever was.