Jun 29, 2011

What's Right With Ohio

The Ohio Theatre's untimely departure from Soho last year was bad news, but this summer brings great news upon already good news. The Ohio's annual Ice Factory new-works festival is now up at 3LD, and this fall the Ohio will reopen in a new location in the West Village's Archive Building (famous for, among other things, its "666 Greenwich" address, though the new Ohio West's actual address will be 154 Christopher St.). I remember the space, which was until recently the Wings Theatre, because the Times sent me to review a show there some years ago. No, it's not the raw barn that the old Ohio was, but it has promise, and the neighborhood—by my lights, anyway—is far more appealing.

I had a chance to sit down recently with Ohio impresario Robert Lyons to talk about this crop of good-and-great news for his scrappy downtown company, in this week's Time Out.

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