Aug 31, 2010

Cognitive Dissonance, Musical Theater Edition

From Michael Dale's review of Power Balladz:
We're at a performance of an unnamed cover band which is sponsored by the Council Of Creative Knowledge (figure out the acronym for yourself) and by Slanket, "the original fleece blanket with sleeves." Fronted by chums since 9th grade, Dieter Bierbrauer and Scott Richard Foster (the characters take on the names of the actors playing them), the band's repertoire includes hits by the likes of Journey ("Faithfully"), Guns N' Roses ("Sweet Child o' Mine"), Whitesnake ("Here I Go Again"), Poison ("Every Rose Has Its Thorn") Aerosmith ("Dream On") and Queen ("We Are the Champions"). I understand they also know some Damn Yankees but I don't recall hearing anything by Adler and Ross.
It's come to this, folks.

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