Jan 21, 2010

Why Don't You Go?

This week on American Theatre's Facebook page, I asked folks for the top reason they might choose not to go to a show. A great number cite money as their main obstacle. My favorites, in no particular order:

Peter J. Smith I will not go see a play if I don't like the script. That being said, I will see stuff that I have not read.
Sarah McAfee my budget, which simply cannot cover ticket prices.
Kareem Deanes mostly because i can't get others to go with me. I enjoy the social discussion afterward and if i can't get some on to go that night then all is lost for me. And price.
Matthew Wilson Once again - price. Also, I'll add that most larger theatres are catering to an audience with money whether they realize it or not.
Brenna Freestone bad word of mouth for sure, unless I know someone in it, then I go anyway.
Nick Thompson Saints games.
Lori Beth Switzer Foley Definitely the money. I know it's been said before, but it's true. I would see a show every week if I could afford it.
Sara Patterson Running time! If the show is bad I want to run from the room screaming but i'm TRAPPED!
Meg Wallace Usually because the show doesn't interest me or because I have a feeling that the production will not be good.
Margaret McCarley If I feel they are way out of line with their ticket prices. Also, if a particular theatre or group consistently produces poor quality productions. And, of course, bad word of mouth.
Matt Kopans I don't have a ton of free time - so unless I'm SURE the show won't cause me to want to chew my own foot off, I'm not going to risk the time and money investment.
Bill Yellowrobe In Montana there are no shows of diversity. Same as in northern Maine. How many times can you watch "Annie Get Your Gun," or "Annie"
Lori Slinn Sometimes I'll skip going to a show because there is no one to go with. It's more fun to see something with someone.
Charlene V. Smith money - either a. the theatre doesn't provide any rush or discounted tickets, or b. I've already seen four plays this month and should really buy groceries instead.
Gilbert Cruz I didn't get the part.
Maggie Modig Aside from cost considerations, sometimes parking is such a hassle it's just not worth it -- especially in bad weather.
Kimberly Taylor If there's a person directing who has screwed up other shows.
Rob Santana Snowstorm and bad reviews.

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