Nov 2, 2009

A Link List

Time is tight, to quote Booker T and the MGs. A quick glance around the Internets:

  • Simonized: Proof again why Playgoer is indispensable; a good take from the LA Times; and an uncharacteristic aside from Broadwaystars' aggregator.
  • The Nov. issue of American Theatre is out, with pieces on Ivo van Hove, Ten Chimneys, Faye Armon, Victor Lodato, and the gender gap. And this is new: for a few online stories, comments are enabled.
  • Tracy Letts loose.
  • Holiday shows and Christopher Lloyd a bad match.
  • At the top of my Christmas list.
  • Halloween postmortem.

1 comment:

Travis Bedard said...

No lengthy feature on Austin this month? So sad. ;)