Jan 23, 2009

NY Times Copy Editors' Worst Nightmare

Years ago, when I reviewed Rob Nash's one-man show Holy Cross Sucks! for the Times, the very title of the show could not be printed, I was told, because the Times' powerful copy editing "priesthood"--that is the actual word my editor used--had strict rules about such usage.

Imagine what fun the priesthood must have had with Sarah Lyall's tittering piece about unintentionally rude English place names.

Speaking of British crudery, on Bob Martin's recommendation I'm checking out Steve Coogan's brilliant, cringe-inducing comedy series I'm Alan Partridge. Imagine a spinoff of the British Office in which David Brent worked on the tatty fringes of the media. Ouch!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Rob,

Beowulf is coming to New York. Banana Bag and Bodice's take on the book is something not to miss.

I think in March.

The show destroyed me out here in the East Bay. Shotgun Players co-produced it. It really just made me want to give it all up, because what I saw was what I had been trying to do. Well, they did it. And they are still doing it.

So catch it if you can.

mr. stick