Mar 28, 2008

Hits That Really Hit Hard

Sometimes a typo makes you laugh till it hurts; sometimes it just hurts. From a release about the Roundabout's upcoming revival of Bob Fosse's Dancin', to be directed by Graciela Daniele (isn't she due for a career retrospective show some time now, by the way?):
DANCIN’ features an evening of dance set to hit songs from the pop music cannon.

Ouch! That kind of tune will just slay you.

Speaking of Fosse, there's a great anecdote from Irene Gandy (related here) that's worth repeating:
Fosse...was in Washington, D.C. with Sweet Charity starring Donna McKechnie. The workaholic artiste was prickly about letting in the press while he was still working on a show, but Gandy had decided to invite The Washington Post to a preview.

"I went over to Ebbets Grill, and they called me back from the theatre and said, 'Get back here right away,' " Gandy recalls. Thinking Fosse had found out about her inviting a critic, she strolled back "like Butterfly McQueen in Gone With the Wind. I didn't want to face that." It turns out, of course, that Fosse had died suddenly. "He dropped dead in front of the Marriott, but we put him in front of the Willard--a better hotel. I was so mad at him. I said, 'You are so much trouble! You can't even die in the right place!' "

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