Sep 25, 2007

They're Baaaaack

"They" being the irrepressible Evidence Room crew, headed by the fearless Bart DeLorenzo. I wrote about the group breakup last year, and last time I was in town Bart updated me about directing the new Donald Margulies at South Coast, and hinted at something else coming soon. Now it's official: The Evidence Room will team up with the upstart Unknown Theatre (an up-and-comer that came up after my time in L.A., as far as I know) to present the LA premiere of Martin Crimp's Attempts on Her Life. It'll be co-directed by Bart and Unknown artistic director Chris Covics, and will star members of both companies. The press release I received mentions no date apart from "November," nor does it specify a venue (we might assume it'll go up at Unknown's Seward St. space in Hollywood), but it promises "a wild theatrical adventure not to be missed." No doubt. Updates will certainly up here. It's good to have the old gang back.

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