Jun 15, 2005

A Side of Hamlet

Just received news of the Troubadour Theatre Company's next two projects, and as usual, they're pretty brilliant just as concepts. Based on my most recent experience with the troupe, I can expect that the execution will be similarly inspiring. To wit:
For its 10th anniversary production, Troubadour has combined the world’s most famous play with the world’s most famous Purple One. No, not Barney. Troubadour Theater Company presents, William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, with the music of Prince, in the world premiere of HAMLET, THE ARTIST FORMERLY KNOWN AS PRINCE OF DENMARK.

The press release goes on:
In this twisted tale of murder, revenge, and bare bodkins, Hamlet is forced to watch beloved Denmark transform into an Erotic City of luxury and damned incest as Claudius and Gertrude lead The Glamorous Life! When, Under The Cherry Moon, a ghost donning a Raspberry Beret proclaims, “Let’s Go Crazy,” does Hamlet get Delirious or will he get to the bottom of this Controversy? Can Hamlet recognize The Sign O’ The Times and get that Sexy MF, Ophelia, to give him a Kiss? Or will he find out When Doves Cry that into every life, a little Purple Rain must fall? In this year’s production of, Hamlet, The Artist Formerly Known as PRINCE of Denmark Troubadour Theater Company is sure to make the Housequake and party like it’s 1599!

It plays in August at the Miles Memorial Playhouse. And if that's not enough to send Yorick spinning in his grave, the Troubies have also announced their next holiday show: The Little Drummer Bowie, which will premiere at the Falcon Theatre in December. It's a Troubie world, folks, and we're just living in it.

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