Nov 9, 2004


"God gave this President and this President's Party one more chance ... God heard the fervent prayers of millions of values voters to keep His hand on America one more time despite our national sins of denying the right to life, despite ignoring the Biblical injunction against acts which are 'an abomination unto the Lord' and despite the blatant attempt to remove God from the public square."
--Paul Weyrich, Republican operative

"I'll tell you, being a 16-year-old gay kid in Michigan just got a hell of a lot worse. When I woke up this morning and saw the anti-gay marriage proposal had passed, I was shocked. I realized the situation I'm faced with every day in school--the American people have just shown my classmates that it's perfectly fine to discriminate. A direct quote from a 'friend' at school today: 'It's so cool that all these states just told all the faggots to eat shit and get the hell out...' "
--letter from a young Republican to blogger Andrew Sullivan

The lovely mutual understanding advocated and embodied by THE LARAMIE PROJECT suddenly seems quaint and distant, doesn't it?

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