Jun 3, 2013

Fresh Dirt

From this space, four years ago today, I hailed Rocco Landesman's ascent to the helm of the NEA with an anecdote from playwright Oliver Mayer, who used to work in Rocco's office and described it as a colorful place. Over to Oliver:
Jujamcyn Theatres was the bastard child of Broadway. We did M Butterfly, and that changed everything. We did Carrie the Musical, and oh, it was bad. They were so much fun to be with, because Rocco is an inveterate gambler—horses, particularly, and he would have his bookies come in. There was a guy who came in called Mr. Dirt.
Funny thing: If you Google "mr. dirt rocco landesman," you get this:
Posted by mr dirt on May 20, 2001 at 11:18:20:
congratulations Rocco Landesman long time
Ragozin-only user,for your nearly one million
and a quarter score on 5/5/o1.Looks like
"The Producers" isn't your only goldmine!
Looks like bookies can be e-bookies, too.

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