Feb 4, 2013

The Ringtone of Self-Hatred

Loved this anecdote from Julie Crosby, artistic director of the Women's Project: At a recent performance of Bethany (which, by the way, I can't recommend highly enough, as much for the taut, surprising writing of Laura Marks as for the searingly alert, ultimately moving lead turn by America Ferrera): A woman at a recent performance let her cellphone ring twice in the last two minutes of the show, then answered it as she noticeably walked out of the theater. Apparently she was heard telling the person who called that the play wasn't over yet. Oops.

The best part: Crosby approached her and told her, "That was very disruptive." The woman's response: "There's a lot about my life I don't like." What a wonderfully all-purpose excuse for bad behavior.

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