Jul 20, 2011

Fun With Commenting

Karina Fernicola Ikezoe in the lead role of Salome; photo courtesy of Black Moon

Most of the big dailies' websites allow commenting on their reviews, and most theater reviews receive few comments. When they receive juicy ones, they're almost always from someone involved in the production. Though often these non-disinterested parties will mask their association, that's not the case with Frank Scheck's recent review of a production of Wilde's Salome at the Flea, which he calls "deadly serious and deadly dull." Director Rene Migliaccio is having none of it. His comment, reprinted in full:
Mr. Franck, the ignoramus of decadent newspaper critic. Your criticism of Salome demonstrates an unsophisticated mind and a dishonest writer. You do not talk about the show that was presented to you, you talk about a false and thwarted view of the character of Salome. Your review is simply a piece of crap. You did not take the time to look at the show in all its details and sensibility. All you want is a seductress and a bloodthirsty child, virgin of course to satisfy your unconscious perverted sexuality. Yes Salome is a child throwing a tantrum not knowing the consequences of her demands. And to correct your demands of women to be vixen, femme fatale, mad, clearly a manipulation of male misogyny, remember that Salome talks about love not about sex and blood, and what not. For everyone reading this comment, come and see Salome, and take account of the remarkable ignorance and uneducated mind such as of a the one that Franck Scheck carries within its skull. Rene Migliaccio, Artistic Director, Black Moon Theatre Company and Director of Salome.
Somehow the personal-ad spam in the comment following Migliaccio's only adds to the spectacle.

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George Hunka said...

Really, I think if Migliaccio is going to use the reviewer's first name as condescendingly as he does, he's rather obliged to spell it right.