May 20, 2011

Season Survey

Roughly once a quarter I write about Broadway shows for the Catholic journal America, and though I wish I had seen the relatively amazing Jerusalem and the surprisingly (to me, at least) sharp and smart Bengal Tiger in the Baghdad Zoo by my deadline, I had plenty to cover with The Book of Mormon, The Motherfucker With the Hat (the title of which, interestingly, gets a more full printing in this Catholic magazine than in the New York Times), Good People, and War Horse.


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Chris Ryder said...

It didn't surprise me at all how truly sincere The Book of Mormon turned out to be. Granted I read reviews by actual Mormons saying so, but I'd been watching South Park for years.
I was in New York over the summer and was able to get Book of Mormon tickets and was not disappointed. I'm still humming "Hasa Diga Eebowai." A far cry from Disney, to be certain.
I also saw several other Broadway Shows while there. I highly recommend "Avenue Q" and "Warhorse".
I must like props.