Mar 22, 2011

Tanya's Turn

(Sally Ryan for the New York Times)

The breakout star of last year's TCG conference in Chicago, with a Time Out cover and a closing-panel conversation slot opposite Theresa Rebeck, was local hero Tanya Saracho. Few folks from out of town had seen her work (it has yet to travel), but the buzz was off the charts, and she was impressive in person--an irresistible mix of wide-eyed/humble and confident/opinionated.

I've since had the pleasure to read a number of her plays and chat with her at length, and she is definitely the real thing. Though she has given many colorful interviews over the years (this one would have to be my favorite for sheer dish), I'm proud to have penned a piece on her for the paper of record (it will appear in next Sunday's print edition, I believe).

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