Feb 9, 2011

Spider-Man on the Web

I've got nothing to add the deluge of ink, real and virtual, that's been spilled over that little comic-book musicale at the Foxwoods Theatre, except to say that, after decades of thinking U2 could do (almost) no wrong, even up to and including No Line on the Horizon, I never expected Broadway to be their shark-jumping tank. But then again, Broadway managed to break another favorite of mine, Paul Simon, and may have done the same for Randy Newman if he'd ever gotten the underrated Faust past Chicago; perhaps the key for pop-star success on Broadway, as shown by the Who and Green Day, is to build a show around an integrally conceived album (which Newman could have done with Johnny Cutler's Birthday).

I can, however, recommend this long, juicy rant by Garrett Eisler, but above all I can recommend the one place where every review of the show has been aggregated and will live online as long the information superhighway runs: StageGrade (and yes, Spidey's median grade is low).

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