Jan 10, 2011

Just Doing His Job

David Barbour, in his review of Jomama Jones: Radiate at Soho Rep, does us the valuable service of reporting:
Picking out three different audience members, [Jones] uses them to divide all of male humanity into three categories: workhorses, race horses, and show ponies - categories I'm sure you don't need me to explain. (Amusingly, at the performance I attended, Joseph Melillo, executive producer of Brooklyn Academy of Music, was categorized as a show pony.)
And of remembering:
She's also capable of playing the great lady and the philosophe, regretting American materialism and expressing her own personal philosophy, which comes down to the idea that if everyone in the audience embraced the person next to him or her, we'd have world peace right now; it's enough to make you remember when Richard Nixon named Pearl Bailey America's Ambassador of Love to the World.
In all seriousness, among the lesser-known critics whose work we follow over at StageGrade, Barbour is a genuine find.

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