Dec 9, 2010

The Thaddeus Bristol Files

A scathing review of a community theater production of Oliver! in Oklahoma City provides some choice rubbernecking. The critic, Larry Laneer, minces no words:
It’s hard to understand what director Deborah Draheim is trying to do with the show. First, she has cast 12 children — mostly girls, some very young — as Fagin’s gang. When all 12 were onstage at the reviewed performance, parents in the audience whipped out flash cameras and snapped away. This rude behavior continued for most of the first act. It was worse than a PTA talent show. Where were the announcements about no photos and the ushers to enforce it?

Second, a 30-member cast is way more than needed in the Freede Little Theater, and the actors are mostly untrained and inexperienced. What little dancing is in this production comes from the hop-skip-and-a-jump school of choreography.
His biggest issue is with the canned orchestra, a fair gripe--but I don't know if quoting Edward Albee is going to persuade any of his readers. To wit: the volatile comments section. And you thought Spider-man was controversial!

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i know it's david, but for some reason I hear amy in my head reading it