Oct 26, 2010

Kron's Sextet

I had the pleasure recently of sitting down with Lisa Kron to talk about her new play In the Wake--known in its L.A. incarnation earlier this year as The Wake, which sounds perhaps too Irish. (Most of her best friends, Kron told me, are Irish Catholics, actually, so maybe that helps account for the original title.) The play's a politically themed comedy about liberal discontent during the Bush years, and from what I've heard there are plenty of laughs and a little sex, but in person Kron--at least on the day I talked to her--was strikingly serious, even somber. It was a meaty interview, in other words. The result is here.

I probably shouldn't have been too surprised by her soberness of purpose, or rather by the way in which a serious-minded playfulness infuses all her work, since in doing research I came across this forceful, moving testimony she gave on marriage equality at the 2007 Stonewall Seder. Definitely worth a look:

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