Apr 22, 2010

The Juggler

I haven't linked to George Hunka in a while, but I was gratified and impressed by this post about his busy-busy life as a father/blogger/essayist/artistic director/dayjobber:
While the past three months or so have been exclusively devoted to my wife and my two daughters (as well as the day job that helps keep us all fed), the last two months or so of 2009 were spent writing, proofing and planning. And what I plant in winter blossoms in spring. My review of Marc Robinson's The American Play: 1787–2000 appears in the new May 2010 issue of PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art: the tantalizing first page of the review is here (subscribers can download a .pdf of the full article). Also due in May 2010, my long essay "The Booking of the Play" will be published in Theater magazine from the Yale School of Drama; Hyperion: On the future of aesthetics will publish my talk about Samuel Beckett, Richard Foreman and Howard Barker, delivered at the University of Aberystwyth last summer; and I write a short piece about sex and the contemporary American drama for the upcoming issue of Contemporary Theatre Review. And the University of Hertfordshire Press has announced an October 2010 publication date for Karoline Gritzner's Eroticism and Death in Theatre and Performance, for which I wrote a chapter on German and Austrian music, film, theatre and prose between 1918 and 1933; other writers appearing in the book are David Rudkin, David Ian Rabey and Howard Barker. Last, but certainly not least, was the gratifyingly successful workshop reading of What She Knew in February...All this — and this blog, and a full-time job, and theatre minima's Howard Barker at the Segal Center event, and two daughters as well — without (much) pay, or an institutional theatre, academic or editorial affiliation either.
Given that George and I increasingly seem to occupy parallel aesthetic universes, I'm always gratified to see posts by him that drop the slightly forbidding professorial veil and show us the man in full.

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George Hunka said...

It beats digging ditches.

Thanks for the mention, Rob.