Mar 10, 2010

When a Venue Closes...

...a white space opens. Via today's Thomas Cott, a new Tribeca venue called Space on White is holding a video contest to find a resident performing troupe. As posted on the NYC Performing Arts Spaces blog:
If you are an artistic, theatre, dance, music or production company looking for a rehearsal and performance "home", develop a short performance skit on video (1-4 minutes), showcasing your organization’s talents and mission while answering Space on White's prompt question: “What could you do with Space on White as your blank canvas?”
The winner gets 80 hours of free space and storage. I hardly think such a move begins to replace the soon-to-shutter Ohio, but it's a start. Info here.

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silent nic@knight said...

I don’t know, Rob. I would classify this under advertising or PR from a new rehearsal space more than anything else.