Jul 8, 2009

People I Know, Making Things

Not a lot of time for a busy new father to blog, but I thought I'd link to a pair of brief and interesting Q&As:

Eliza Bent, fellow associate editor at American Theatre, has a play up at PS 122, titled She of the Voice, and she sat down with David Cote of Time Out recently. Among other things, Eliza offers inspiration to any of us who read something in a national magazine and think, "I couldn't possibly get the rights to adapt that."

Nick Offerman, a powerful actor I first encountered at the Evidence Room at the turn of the century and most recently enjoyed on the so-so new TV show Parks and Recreation and in the local production of Adding Machine (as a replacement for the non-singing role of the Boss), is a busy woodworker and boatbuilder in his spare hours. When last we spoke, I was angling to get down to Red Hook to see a new canoe he was working on while on the East Coast, but this piece by the redoubtable Corn Mo is the next best thing to a firsthand visit.

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