Apr 7, 2009

Reasons To Be Nervous

I haven't seen reasons to be pretty, and to be frank, as a non-fan of Neil LaBute, I probably won't be rushing to grab a seat (for the record, most critics do seem to like it). But I wish the production no ill, and found this a little chilling:
A male audience member was so incensed by actress Marin Ireland’s character, Steph, that he began verbally assaulting the actress during the performance from his seat, press representatives have confirmed...The ticketholder reportedly called Ireland a “bitch,” among other expletives, before being escorted from the theater. The incident was not part of the production.

(h/t Broadway.com)
Speaking of LaBute, I was surprised to see that one of his most vigorous cheerleaders, John Lahr, took a bye on reviewing the play, instead handing duties to his New Yorker colleague Hilton Als.

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Linda said...

I loved this play. I didn't feel strongly either way about LaBute before this. I had only seen This Is How It Goes, which was not very memorable, but I recommend giving reasons to be pretty a chance.