Mar 31, 2009

More Non-Good News

And another West Coast titan (in my mind, at least) topples: Mead Hunter, literary jack-of-all-trades I got to know at the late, lamented ASK, has been let go from his perch at Portland Center Stage. His post about his departure is bracing, though, and even encouraging:
Fact is: I haven’t been out of work, as a theater person, since 1985. Even the short gap between the A.S.K. debacle and joining the PCS company was stuffed full of freelance gigs. 24 years is a good long run. But now it’s over.

...Virtually overnight it has become a brave new world. To quote The Bard. And Aldous Huxley. And Grace Slick. What am I going to give to it? The prospect is scary, and daunting, and – most surprisingly of all – exciting. You don’t get to reinvent yourself every day.

One option for this resourceful man named after an archaic libation: his side business as a sort of dramaturg-for-hire.

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