Oct 23, 2008

"Spring" Eternal

I was not among Spring Awakening's biggest fans when it opened (alas, the link to my Broadway.com review of the Atlantic production, which I would characterize as mixed positive--a B, say--is dead). But my first feature at TDF happened to be with Tom Hulce, one of the show's unlikely producing angels, and I recently had the chance to revisit the show and the score for an LA Times preview, and I have to say, the show wears well, and the score in particular. One thing I discovered about it: It's about the only Broadway score I can think of that was clearly written on the guitar. I still remember how exciting it was to hear the guitar riffs of Tommy in a Broadway theater, but obviously that wasn't written for the stage. In any case, it was a pleasure to revisit a show I think I underrated at the time. UPDATE: Oops--but hey, at least it recouped!

(Photo of Duncan Sheik--posing with, er, a piano--by Jennifer S. Altman.)


RLewis said...

Tom Hulce - The Rise and Rise of Daniel Rocket - still swirls in my memory - what a terrific theater person.

Seth said...

I would imagine that Big River and Passing Strange were also largely composed on guitar.