Aug 31, 2007

Double Dutch

Apologies for the self-promotional angle, but I've got a new CD coming out Oct. 1, and it's getting some nice reviews. The latest, which seems to be complimentary, is from a Belgian website called It's apparently in Dutch. I ran it through Babelfish's online translator, which produced the usual hilarious syntactical mess, though the final translated sentence is a pretty priceless blurb:
I could enjoy in advance this CD agreeably.

My question is, does anyone in my immediate blog-hood read Dutch? The review is posted in its entirety here (you could find on the Rootstime site, too, if you dig around).

1 comment:

Ann said...

While my one year of Dutch in college certainly doesn't allow for a professional translation, the bit that I figured out it's quite complementary. I'll send it to a friend and have it finished for you asap.