May 25, 2007

Closer Than They Thought

From Ljova, an entertaining tourist story:
Three confused tourists, standing with a fold-out map of NYC, on the corner of Joralemon + Clinton, in Brooklyn Heights. I offer help.

"Are you guys lost?"
"Do you know where Montauk is?"
"Montauk? hmm... you're kinda far from there..." (Montauk is a town in far-away Long Island)
"oh" -- they keep pointing at their map.
"let's see the map".

and lo and behold, or "ahem, duuuh!", they're pointing at MONTAGUE street, two blocks away.

Meanwhile Times Square, where I work, is becoming a human SEA--and appropriately enough there are plenty of white-clad sailors around at the moment, as it's Fleet Week (saw a bunch of them at Coram Boy last night). Let the summer begin.

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barmaljova said...

i LOVE fleet week! those sailors haven't made it out to the east village - please point them our way next time you see them :)