Dec 12, 2006

"Urinetown" Bloodsuckers?

I haven't really been following this story (scroll down) about John Rando and John Caraffa, the original director and choreographer of Urinetown, suing regional productions of the show in Chicago and Akron because, they claim, those productions have copied their proprietary contributions with compensation. (Definitive updates and debates, as usual, can be found at Playgoer.) But a friend who just caught Dance of the Vampires in Germany, in the production originatd by Roman Polanski (based on his own film Fearless Vampire Killers) just wrote me to make an interesting point:
It's sort of ridiculous that John Caraffa and John Rando are suing the 'Urinetown' productions in Ohio and Chicago, since they stole every damn thing from the Roman Polanski production of 'Dance of the Vampires' for the Broadway production.

Stealing aside, that's a credit everyone involved would just as soon forget.

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