Jul 30, 2006

The Playgatherer

I spent a Sunday recently with playwright William Mastrosimone, and he told me about his new old play A Stone Carver. Report here. (And no, I don't have a new byline—the Times just got all formal on me.)


Anonymous said...

Greta article ! I can't wait to see this play ! Also - I find it very interesting that he changed his work. There seems to be an underground taboo that once it's there it's done. I don't agree. Not in this day an age. You barely have time for reflection, and as you get further into life you realize what you wrote at twenty for an older character, might need to change.
Thank you again for reproting this. I hope you might bring a new angle to an old thinking NYTimes.

Buddha Cowboy - NYC

Anonymous said...

I thought that was Russ Tutterow, head of Chicago Dramatists, for a second there what with the headline and passing resemblance