May 9, 2006

Sock It

I miss L.A. pranksters Burglars of Hamm—particularly since they're bringing back Easy Targets, the solo-show parody in which audiences are encouraged to throw socks at the performers. What piqued my interest is that they've roped in one of my favorite actors, Beth Kennedy, to perform the hilariously God-awful-sounding "Kiss Me I'm Irish." (Joe Foster's "Nam!" sounds delicious, too.) What won me over to the magic of BK is when I saw her, some years back, as a robotically feminine secretary in Jessica Kubzansky's brilliant production of The Memorandum, and then, what seemed like a week later, I saw her as a stilt-walking, moustachioed pirate Antonio in the Troubadour Theatre Company's Twelfth Dog Night. Wish I could be at the M Bar in Hollywood next week to toss some socks her way, though more in tribute than derision.

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Anonymous said...

Burglars are set to take EASY TARGETS to the Edinburgh Fringe this August (at the C Venue [Central]). Thanks for the kind words on the show, Rob!
- Matt Almos