Apr 21, 2006

Empty Hall

My review of Peter Hall's Importance of Being Earnest is here.


Mproust said...

I was pleasantly surprised to find your review of this atrocious production. It was disturbing to see most of the other reviews ranging from ecstatic praise to polite congratulation. Shouldn't Sir Peter Hall be retired by now? A lazy old man, who lacks any imagination, Hall doesn't even attempt to create a minimally dynamic, convincing or stylish (Wilde without a hint of style?) mise-en-scene. Nor does he help his actors much, leaving them to their own devices. Isn't it the least that a so called 'actor's director' should do well? The most ironic aspect of this production is Hall's program note about bad stagings of Wilde plays in which actors merely "stand on the stage and utter witticism after witticism and obscure what the play is really about." Is Hall cynical or simply clueless?

Mproust said...