Oct 8, 2005

"My Resumé Is Full..."

"...but it's in pieces right now."

As my friend John Zalewski warned when he sent this my way, don your Pathos Protection Suits for this voice message from a delusional, and apparently distracted, actress.


Bonnie said...

Welcome to my world! Oh, how I wish I'd had heard that before writing my column on How To Get Blacklisted a few weeks ago.


You may want to adjust the link in your html (appears to link to your blog as root as-is). Try adjusting to just this much in the HTML.

Anyway... very funny. Thanks for sharing. I know many producers who'd love to cast someone who tears up her own resumé in fits of rage!

Bonnie said...

A dear friend I shared your link with theorized that this may be her actor profile page.

Man... people are... odd.


Brian "House Boy" Helm said...

Hi, long time listener, first time caller.
My friend Susan introduced me to your blog. I shared "Best Actress" with another web community I'm with as an addition to the exact same webpage that bonnie referred to in the previous post. Too funny, and yet creepy. And Susan can't leave it alone. And she doesn't f*cking care if I say that.

theurbangirl said...

Oh my lord! I work at Back Stage West and the crazies call the office all day everyday. This is by far none the most entertaining audition tape I've ever come across. I love LA ,but seriously this city has more bad actors than cockroaches. All hail the infinitely delusional