Oct 31, 2004

"Blue Dove" Flies Away

As I reported in my recent Review of Reviews, the musical BLUE DOVE has gotten consistently dismissive reviews (scroll to bottom of list).

According to a friend who's in the cast, the musical's "indefinite" run has become more definite: It will close next weekend. It's been playing at the mid-sized Ivar Theatre in Hollywood--not a cheap rental, or a cheap union arrangement. As my friend wrote in an email: "So much for Equity gigs in L.A. The producer is apparently hemorrhaging money keeping it open for mostly comp audiences, so the rude awakening came during the show last night." My friend conceded "there are big issues with the script, but the
performers are all great and the music is lovely." She was hoping to get her friends to come out.

I have to wonder: Is this the only spiritually themed musical playing at an oversized house in Hollywood that got bad reviews, is having trouble filling its seats, and may not have a future beyond its Hollywood run? Thank God contracts aren't carved in stone.

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