Sep 2, 2011

The Crazy Uncle Hilton Files

Yelena action shot by Hilton Als

The New Yorker's certifiable No. 2 theater critic strikes again, with a book report review of the recent Aussie-fied Uncle Vanya at Kennedy Center. As Charles McNulty recently noted on Facebook, the vaunted New Yorker fact-checkers must have been out to lunch:
Speaking of Vanya, Als writes: "Ever since his late wife's brother, the old scholar Serebryakov (John Bell), who owns the estate, returned to it with his beautiful new wife..." It was Vanya's sister, now dead, who was the professor's first wife. Or have I lost my mind?
It would be news indeed that the achingly single Vanya had ever married, and Als must have missed Vanya's bitter speeches about his late sister doting on Serebryakov.

But then, maybe Als was too busy snapping cellphone photos of Cate Blanchett to notice the finer points of the plot (yes, he's the "major critic" Elisabeth Vincentelli called out anonymously here—little did she know that Als would actually post his photos, which clearly weren't confined to the curtain call, on his blog).

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